Help me run a Jimathon

Following some internal debate regarding logistics, time and the lingering suspicion it’s a bit hilly, I have decided not to run the Isle of Man marathon for my tenth marathon this year.

This means I need a replacement marathon, and one that takes place before mid-September if I still want to have the big finish in Berlin.

So instead, I will be running a Jimathon on Sunday 19 August and I’d like you to join me.

The idea is to run laps of a one-mile circuit in the City of London, when it’s quiet at the weekend. In order to avoid loneliness and introduce a bit of variety, I’m looking for 26 volunteers to run a mile each with me (though if you want to go further you’re very welcome). Think of it as a very long relay race, in which for some reason you’re pacing an increasingly red and sweaty Welshman.

We’ll work out exact logistics closer to the time, but expect to start about 9.30 and overall pace will be between 5hrs – 5hrs 30min. I tend to have some very slow miles in the second half, so don’t feel you need to be super athletic. Pace per mile will vary between 9-15 minutes, so as long as you’re on that spectrum, you are PRIME JIMATHON CALIBRE.

Totally unofficial, and any new PB will not be recognised by any international governing bodies but you’ll be recognised by me as being AWESOME. Plus we’ll bring sandwiches, cake and set up a cheering point so your mile will be celebrated like a mile has never been celebrated before!

If you’re free and fancy it, comment below the line here or give me a shout via Twitter.

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