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When I started training for the Twelveathon, I started reading a LOT about running, initially for advice on training, then to see what it had been like for other people. These are some of the best ones I keep coming back to – either because they’re full of great advice, great writing or just because the personality of the writer strikes a chord with me.

Christopher McDougall – Born to Run – I have only recently started reading Chris’ blog after finishing Born to Run (which I will, like many of its readers, write a shiny-eyed paean of beatific praise about in the next couple of weeks). He’s a really engaging writer, in the classic American magazine style, and along with ultras, is chronicling the growth of barefoot running and other themes covered in Born to Run and their impact on the wider running community with great insight.

Jenny Hadfield – I first came across Coach Jenny’s writing when I was trying to find out more about just how exactly you pace yourself when you’re trying to run 12 marathons in a year. Her advice (basically, remembers its one long race, not 12 short ones) was really helpful and her style of writing – authoritative, friendly and drawing on personal experience in the right way – is reassuring to read and leaves you with plenty to think about when planning your next set of runs.

Bangs and a Bun – This blog is not solely about running, because the interests and opinions of Ms Bangs (Muireann) herself are so diverse, but running is a big part of it, and she writes with magnificent passion and eloquence about the impact it has had, and continues to have, on her life and how, through Team Bangs on the Run, she encourages other women to make it a part of their lives. It is also an excellent place to learn about international knitwear.

Jog Journal – What I like about this blog is the way is that although Paul is a strong runner, he catalogues his runs warts and all, with no vanity and good humour, so you get a picture of how each run felt, why it was different from the last and what his mind and body go through on each one.

Lazy Girl Running – Like Paul (and indeed all of the blogs on here), the honesty of Lazy Girl Laura’s blog is part of what makes it a good read. Having been at it for four years, she still doesn’t always like running, she finds it difficult to motivate herself sometimes and has yet to commit to a Triathlon despite her best intentions. But she keeps at it, and even though she is running some really impressive times, the voice is that of someone who still remembers the nervous person they were at the start of their first race.

Jog Blog – Probably the funniest running blog I have read, primarily because the entries are as much about the absurd things life throws at Cathy during her runs as the running itself. Any blog that works the phrase “I was hoping the cows would bite that dirty old man’s dick off” into a tale of a bike ride has to be worth a read.

So yeah, check them out. And if you know of someone I simply absolutely completely MUST read, then please tell me about them…

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