Come to the Chabaret!

Chabaret - Wednesday 25 April at ConcreteIn a lot of ways, the hardest part of this whole endeavour is not the running (although let’s not forget that it is very hard and I am very brave) but the fundraising. Trying to raise a whopping £12,000 forces you to find new ways to bring in the cash and encourage attractive, discerning people like yourselves to donate.

One of the ways to do this is to make like a can-do 50s musical and just put on a show, goshdarnit. So thats what we’re doing – and the show is Chabaret!

Chabaret brings together some of the finest, funniest cabaret artists working today, all being stupidly generous and donating their time and talent for free.

It takes place on Wednesday 25 April at Concrete in Shoreditch. And the line-up is like a slice of awesomeness on a bed of wow…

Frisky and Mannish - The comedy musical geniuses themselves.
Richard Herring - RICHARD HERRING is playing my charity night!!! That is all.
Sarah Louise Young - Singer and star of Fascinating Aida and Cabaret Whore transforms into Bernie St Clair, an act inspired by my own dear Elaine Paige.
Mandy Muden - Really funny magician who stole the show at Mat Ricardo’s London Varieties in February.
The Blue Peril – Benjamin Louche from the Double R Club is the world’s newest superhero. You’ll believe a man can fly. Just not this man.
Ginger Blush - One of the funniest burlesque acts I’ve seen will be going back in time….to 1955… a Delorean…
Shirely & Shirley - Very odd, very funny sketch comedy, as seen on that there BBC.

And all MC’d by 6Music’s breakfast show’s Shaun Keaveny, staying up past his bedtime for a good cause.

Tickets are £15, available here, and all profits go straight to the Twelveathon fund, so get yours today. Tell friends, colleagues, passing people who look like they have a spare £15 to spend on nights out, etc. They, and you, will not be disappointed.

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