What’s all this?

What’s a Twelveathon?

Its 12 marathons, run in 2012, to raise £12,000 for charity. I like 12.

This explains it a bit better.

And why are you doing this?

I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2010 and managed to raise quite a bit of money for UNICEF. At the time, it felt like doing a marathon would be the next logical step.

But then last summer I started to wonder if I could do something more. As we enter another year of economicageddon, the impact of increasing poverty, unemployment and funding cuts are particularly hard on children. Working at UNICEF, reading about studies and reports and seeing services in your area forced to close, you get used to shaking your head and saying “Somebody needs to DO something.”

Then someone pointed out I was somebody and could I please stop shaking my head so vigorously as it was distracting. And I knew it was time to step up. Times are tough. And when times are tough, the tough get going. Going in a tough way.

And since I have yet to come up with an intellectually rigorous plan for re-ordering the world financial system, trying to raise an awful lot of money seemed the next best thing

Why two charities, rather than one? Or 12?

I knew I wanted to raise money for UNICEF, which does amazing work in over 190 countries round the world and has a major, ongoing impact on the lives of the world’s children. But I also wanted to raise money to help children in my area of London and have known about the inspiring work of Scene and Heard for a few years. Children of the world and children of my postcode – seemed to make sense at the time

Have a look at the Charities page for a bit more on why I wanted to help these organisations particularly.

So its not an Olympics thing?

No, just an obsession with symmetry in numbers thing

Have you ever run a marathon before?

I haven’t. Which is good, as it leaves me in blissful ignorance of how far 26 miles actually is.

Does my donation pay for your flights, accommodation, entrance fee, shoe leather, etc?

No. I pay all the expenses of taking part in each marathon myself, so everything you pay goes into the big charity pot for UNICEF and Scene and Heard.

So where can I donate?


2 thoughts on “What’s all this?

  1. Hi Jim; it’s Tim here. We ran together for most of Saturday’s Sussex CTS marathon. Congratulations on finishing–brilliant effort, mate. I’ve donated to your fundraising page and I just tried to send you an e-mail but it keeps bouncing back (probably because I took a stab at guessing your e-mail address). What’s your correct address? I’ll keep an eye out for you at the Brighton Marathon! All the best, Tim

  2. Hi Jim – great to run with you at Cheltenham yesterday, and thanks for saving me from sliding down the hill. I’ve stuck some money in your tin, good luck with the rest of the twelveathon!


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